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Loyola Law School Launches First-of-Kind Online Legal Executive Education Program

LOS ANGELES, CA – Loyola Law School, Los Angeles recently announced the launch of its new Executive Education Program, LLX. Courses will focus on a series of tangible legal skills that will be taught online, on campus, and at on-site company locations, revolutionizing the way executives, entrepreneurs, and students can learn the law.

"LLX's uniquely immersive education experience enhances traditional law school offerings by combining Loyola Law School's century of respected legal education with modern technology," says Hamilton Chan, director of Executive Education at Loyola Law School. "This program has the potential to change the way those interested in a legal education can learn, bringing growth opportunities to those unable to pursue a full-time law degree."

LLX is designed to combine academic rigor with real-life experience by teaching the reasoning behind the law people need to know, in combination with the tactical strategies they want to learn in order to move their careers forward.

"The complexity, relevance, and reach of the law grows every day. The ability to understand legal basics is invaluable in the current business and start-up environment. Today's students and working professionals are constantly searching for flexible and cost-effective ways to keep their skills relevant," says Chan.

LLX Course Offerings
Prospective students can now enroll in the first LLX course, Negotiating for Success. The art of mastering a successful negotiation is a skill needed by business professionals and attorneys alike. This first course will teach a framework for negotiating in addition to practical negotiation tactics, such as how to build rapport with a fellow negotiator, whether to throw out the first number, how to effectively make a counter offer, and even where to sit at the negotiating table.

The second course, Intro to Contracts, will open for enrollment in the Summer of 2019.

Subsequent courses will teach, among other topics:

  • What to expect when you're expecting a lawsuit;
  • how to actually practice corporate law;
  • protecting your intellectual property; and
  • marijuana law

While these online course offerings will enable students to benefit from the advantages of remote learning, LLX will also provide on-campus courses at its campuses in Silicon Beach and Downtown Los Angeles to foster community and career connections. LLX will also teach on-site at company locations to entire teams that wish to boost their legal IQ.

LLX Platform Design
The online LLX platform allows for anyone to learn the fundamentals of law while further driving innovation in the field. Approaching its own technology as a start-up would, LLX's learning management system has been built from scratch as proprietary software. This allows for the flexibility needed to design unique online learning experiences. The technology allows for the design of several high-production classes that will each feature a range of interactive digital components and at the same time foster human connection.  It features:

  • "Choose your own adventure" exercises that blend educational content with gamification;
  • voice-driven exercises including cold calls to help students engage in "Socratic questioning;"
  • a native video player for streaming originally produced content;
  • interactive exercises, including polls, multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank quizzes;
  • the ability for students to track their individual progress in relation to their cohort's progress;
  • forums for questions and direct messaging between students;
  • user authentication and a payment gateway;
  • a custom-built content management and student progress tracking system; and
  • an application, acceptance and enrollment system.

About Loyola Law School, Los Angeles
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About Hamilton Chan
Hamilton Chan is the visionary behind the creation, launch, and further development of LLX, Loyola Law School's executive education program. Chan, the visiting professor of Business & Technology at Loyola Law School, has designed the program to teach legal skills in a way traditional legal education does not, enhancing Loyola Law School's scope. Chan, a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, is also a successful entrepreneur.