Parents Create COVID-Screening App for Schools

Dr. Brian Benson, a family physician and his wife, Kaley Benson developed a symptom-screening software for schools, reports a local news station.

The parents have three kids who attend Louisiana Key Academy, a charter school for children with dyslexia. The school is the first in the region to return to the classroom with new safety protocols in place.  

To aid in a safe reopening, the Bensons created a software called Cleared4School, which is currently being used at LKA. Each school day a parent answers 11 questions related to COVID-19 symptoms, including if their child has had a loss of taste or smell in the last three days. Once the parent has finished the survey and cleared, the child is able to enter the building.

 “You feel more comfortable trusting your child in that environment, and the teachers feel more comfortable because all of the kids have been screened,” Kaley told news station, WBRZ2.

The online program relies on the honor system. According to the Cleared4School website, no symptoms and no names are recorded.

The Bensons are talking to other school districts to see if they would like to implement the software.

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Yvonne Marquez is senior editor of Spaces4Learning. She can be reached at [email protected].

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