Movo WebMic HD Pro Offers Multiple Solutions for Remote Learners

As many universities continue to default to remote learning during the pandemic, students have expressed frustration with the variety of technical difficulties they continue to face. From bad audio or video quality to disruptions in Internet service, more than 40% of remote students say they believe that connectivity problems are having a negative impact on their education.

The Movo WebMic HD Pro launched on Kickstarter on March 1 and reached its target goal of $15,000 by the next day. The product combines an HD web camera, a condenser microphone, and an LED ring light into one device for what a press release calls an “all-in-one” solution for video conferencing needs on any platform. The 1080p camera captures video at 30 fps, while the microphone filters out background noise and the ring light features three different levels of brightness. It also comes with a portable handheld or tabletop stand, an adjustable mount, and a built-in headphone jack.

“We’re excited to help teachers, students, streamers and content creators up their game with the Movo WebMic HD Pro,” said Movo CEO Ben Halbertstam. “We noticed the low-quality audio and video that people were experiencing while using their built-in or outdated webcams and microphones during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic and wanted to provide an all-in-one solution.”

The product comes in a few variations for specific needs. The Movo WebMic includes only a cardioid condenser microphone, while the WebMic HD features the microphone and HD webcam; the WebMic 4K features the microphone and a 4K camera; and the WebMic 4K Pro features the microphone, a 4K camera, and the LED ring light.

As of March 17, 2021, the Movo WebMic HD Pro’s Kickstarter page reports that the project has raised $392,298 against its goal of $15,000. All variations of the product are scheduled to begin shipping in August.

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