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ContentKeeper Launches K-12 Educational Cloud Filter

Web security platform ContentKeeper announced this week that it’s launching a generation cloud filtering and security platform designed specifically for use in K-12 educational environments. The ContentKeeper Cloud helps teachers and administrators maintain the balance between letting students explore the Internet to access potentially valuable content and basic student security and safety. The Cloud offers its functionalities to schools and districts whether students are learning in-person or remotely.

Administrators can keep an eye on student safety, web use, and security threats on school-issued and personal devices both on campus and off. It offers real-time web visibility as well as detailed analytics and accurate statistics across the iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome, and IoT platforms. Not only can administrators block access from inappropriate content, but they can also granularly control content—allowing students partial access to sites like YouTube, Google, Vimeo, and more—instead of blocking these popular domains entirely.

ContentKeeper Cloud also offers full cloud, hybrid, or onsite deployment options for a full measure of flexibility and scalability. Cloud filtering lets districts clean up the onsite infrastructure, simplify IT operations, and lessen the cost of ownership while still offering the full array of necessary services.

“ContentKeeper Cloud provides districts and schools with the flexibility and affordability of a cloud-based solution, without losing the functionality they need to ensure student safety and policy compliance,” said ContentKeeper CEO David Wigley. “It delivers safety and security with lower costs and ease of use, all while empowering educators to deliver a broader range of online content for superior education and engagement.”

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