COVID-19 and Schools

INVZBL Offers UV-C Disinfection Products to Schools

UV-C disinfection solutions provider INVZBL has launched a new line of products dedicated to reducing the risk of virus transmission through shared devices in K-12 schools. Recent guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have given particular attention to shared, high-touch items in schools like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and sporting equipment. INVZBL’s array of disinfection cabinets can provide reopening schools the means to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 via shared school equipment.

“Among educators and parents, safety is top priority as children return to school,” said INVZBL founder and CEO Chuck Morrison. “INVZBL provides schools a safe and convenient cleaning solution for high-touch items such as laptops and tablets which are essential to learning. Our industry-leading technology is helping to keep students, teachers and staff safe in schools reopening around the country with 99.9% effectiveness, something that offers families increased peace of mind.”

According to the CDC, UV-C light is a key method in deactivating the virus that causes COVID-19. The INVZBL Z13 rapid UV-C disinfection cabinet can hold up to 100 or more smartphones, 50 or more tablets, or 20 or more laptops, and it features 13 removable racks and comes on wheels for easy mobility. Similarly, the INVZBL B3 rapid UV-C disinfection cabinet has about 40% of the capacity of the Z13, and its size allows it to either become a permanent fixture in a given workspace or be placed on a cart for easy transport. Both models can perform a full cleaning cycle in three minutes.

Both the Z13 and B3 models underwent laboratory testing to determine their efficiency in removing living organisms from items like laptops, phones, tablets, and masks. The bulbs operate at 254 nanometers, an unsafe level for human exposure. The units have automatic shutoff capabilities when opened during a disinfection cycle. Both models are also UL listed and have passed testing for UL UV-C leakage.

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