Georgetown, ENGIE Partner to Promote Energy Conservation

Georgetown University, located in Washington, D.C., recently announced a partnership with ENGIE North America to promote sustainability and energy conservation. ENGIE will manage the university’s utility system in an effort to help it achieve its sustainability goals.

“Protecting our environment and addressing climate change are defining issues of our time,” said Georgetown President John J. DeGioia. “At Georgetown, we are deeply committed to understanding and responding to these issues—promoting research and teaching on the environment and to taking steps as an institution to address our environmental impact.”

ENGIE will take control of the enhancement, operation, and upkeep of the university’s electrical, HVAC, and domestic water systems. Georgetown will continue to own these facilities and control decisions related to upgrades, renovations, or other improvements that require financial investment. The partnership puts the university on track to reduce the intensity of its energy use by 35% by 2030. It will also help the school become carbon neutral and water positive by 2030 and meet its goal of “100% renewable power” by 2035.

“After committing to divest from fossil fuels and launching a power purchase agreement that will ensure that two-thirds of the university’s electricity needs will be sourced through solar power, this partnership further enhances our ambitious sustainability goals,” said Georgetown University Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Geoff Chatas. “We are excited to partner with ENGIE to accelerate our progress toward aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, integrating sustainability across our functional areas, and becoming a model for how universities and other complex organizations can strengthen their sustainability efforts. We are confident that ENGIE’s expertise in clean energy management will improve the experience of students, faculty and the broader Georgetown community.”

The partnership with ENGIE is set for a 50-year duration and goes into effect on July 1. The university’s current utilities employees affected by the agreement will have the choice of working for ENGIE or continuing employment with Georgetown.

Lori Baldwin, the university’s vice president of planning, facilities management and corporate partnerships, expressed excitement about the collaboration. “Under the partnership, we will be able to immediately enhance the energy efficiency of buildings across campus through the implementation of smart metering technologies and the commencement of a geothermal project on Healy Lawn that takes advantage of stable temperatures below the earth to enhance energy efficiency,” she said.

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