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ASI Group Launches BIM Content Library

ASI Group, a manufacturer of restroom accessories, toilet partitions, visual display products and lockers, has announced the launch of its BIM Content Library for use by construction, architecture and design professionals. The library will allow these professionals access to a wide variety of practical design tools.

The Revit library features content for an array of storage options, commercial washroom accessories, and partitions. The families were developed to keep a balance among functionality, documentation, visualization, and performance. Families include options like Family and Shared Parameters, 2D line work, Origin Points, Family/Type Naming, Product Data Integration, Reference Planes, application of Materials, Classification, and File Size.

The library also features “virtual showrooms” as Revit Project Files (.RVT), and Families and Family types have already been preloaded. Designers can browse through the library for each product range to see each family document in a project environment with consistently, as well as how they can be reconfigured to create new designs.

“Solutions Architecture has used BIM since our inception, and we rely on it every day to provide our clients with realistic renderings of what their finished product will look like,” said Frank Messineo of Solutions Architecture. “BIM content from manufacturers is no longer a ‘nice to have’; it is a ‘must have.’ ASI’s BIM Content Library is of very high quality and is a great resource that allows us to meet our clients’ expectations.”

The content library was designed to make it easy for Revit users to design, document, and specify ASI products within Revit. ASI has also created a Content Video Guide providing an overview of the library, including tips on access and browsing as well as an overview of its contents and commentary on the method for creating different Revit families. Users can browse the entire library of families in a single Revit project.

The ASI Revit library is available through ASI, ASI Accurate Partitions, ASI Global Partitions, and ASI Storage.

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