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ASI Group Launches Integrated Privacy System for Restroom Partitions

Commercial toilet partitions and washroom accessories solutions provider ASI Group recently launched the industry’s first Integrated Privacy System for metal bathroom partitions. The product was designed to provide privacy and built so that doors come delivered with built-in privacy components, reducing the need to modify or retrofit them after installation.

The product offers total privacy in that it closes the gap on both the latch and hinge sides of the door, blocking all sightlines into the bathroom stall. They also add an aesthetic touch, as retrofitted privacy components from other vendors tend not to match the design of the stall. The ASI Group product comes color-matched to the rest of the stall to add a unifying design across the partition door and pilasters. It also comes with an occupancy indicator latch and an Easy-Stall Shoe to ease the installation process.

“Our built-in need for privacy is laid bare in public washrooms, most of which are designed for multiple users and simultaneous use,” said Cyrus Boatwalla, Director of Marketing at the ASI Group. “Today, more than ever, our need to feel safe is paramount, and this can cause public washrooms to bring out deep-rooted fears, which may manifest in a visceral response. While some people may be mildly bothered by the thought of using a public washroom, others are paralyzed by the prospect—to the point that they cannot use the washroom while others occupy it.”

The patent-pending Integrated Privacy System is available as standard in both the Stainless Steel and Powder Coated Steel partitions.

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