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CloroxPro Launches Online Commercial Cleaning Education Program

CloroxPro recently announced that it has launched an online learning platform to help educate and train commercial cleaning professionals. CloroxPro HealthyClean is intended to help boost the knowledge and skills of cleaning and maintenance staff as these workers’ responsibilities have skyrocketed during the last two years. The training certificate course is the only one of its kind accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB), according to a news release.

During the pandemic, the role of cleaning professionals has shifted from cleaning for appearance and aesthetic value to cleaning for the sake of public health. A recent survey conducted by CloroxPro among facility managers and building service contractors revealed that 91% of respondents said that their cleaning staff has had to learn new techniques and protocols. About 96% of respondents said that cleaning staff has taken on a greater workload of cleaning and disinfection. And more than 90% of respondents said they saw the value in training staff to use products and equipment correctly, reduce the spread of germs and perform their jobs effectively and safely.

According to a news release, the CloroxPro HealthyClean Trained Specialist Course is the first third-party accredited certificate course to come out of the program. The comprehensive, interactive course was designed for frontline cleaning professionals and covers material like using the right products at the right time, the science of germs and germ spreading, breaking infection chains and how to protect themselves while working effectively.

“At CloroxPro, our mission is to help create healthier public spaces where people can come together and thrive. We are committed to educating and empowering those responsible for cleaning the areas where people work and gather to help safeguard these environments,” said Lynda Lurie, Senior Director of Marketing at CloroxPro, in the press release. “Through the CloroxPro HealthyClean Trained Specialist Course, we are providing valuable knowledge and on-the job skills needed by the professional cleaning industry to properly and safely clean for health, and in turn help better protect public health. We are very proud that the quality and effectiveness of our first course has been validated by the ANSI National Accreditation Board.”

Professionals who complete the course and pass the final exam will receive a Certificate of Mastery and a Digital Badge identifying them as a CloroxPro HealthyClean Trained Specialist. A second course designed for facility managers is scheduled for launch later this year.

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