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Temple University Installs Brightline Lights Solution

Video lighting systems manufacturer Brightline recently announced the installation of a variety of its products at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa. The university purchased 13 ZELo desktop lights and four Flex T-Series multi-directional lights around its campus; the project came about with the partnership of lighting consultant O’Donohoe Lighting and lighting rep agency Diversified Lighting, according to a news release.

Temple University faculty and administrators are using the ZELo desktop lights for remote instruction and internal meetings. The Flex-T lights have been installed of the office of the university president, Dr. Jason Wingard. The university made the decision after frustrations with one-size-fits-all videoconferencing lights; the ZELo solution provides soft, adjustable lighting with options to change brightness and color temperature.

“ZELo was constructed to meet the critical lighting requirements of broadcasters, but it’s affordable enough for a wide range of users,” said Brightline managing partner Kathy Katz. “We’re thrilled that Temple University recognized the power of ZELo for virtual learning and meetings. It’s extremely easy to adjust the light to suit your skin tone and the overall levels that work best for the application. Online classes and meetings remain a key way to communicate. With ZELo, your audience can concentrate on your message instead of poor imaging.”

ZELo products are available on the Brightline website.

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