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Virginia Commonwealth University to Build New Honors Dorms

Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va., recently moved forward with plans to build a new residence hall for honors students.

Local news reports that a vacant building adjacent to its campus has been demolished in preparation for the construction. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024 and finish by fall 2026, according to Meredith Weiss, VCU Vice President for Administration.

According to local news, the project is a direct response to an increased demand for more on-campus housing. The facility will also feature amenities like office space, teaching space, collaborative areas and an event space for the Honors College. The dorm’s exact capacity is still in the planning stages, but it will hold more students than the current honors residence hall, which has 177 beds. The VCU website reports that about 700+ beds are anticipated.

The new dorm’s construction is part of the university’s Six-Year Capital Plan, which encompasses multiple construction projects around campus. Also planned are a new Arts and Innovation Academic Building and a new IT Center.

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