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Wesleyan University Installs Boiler that Converts Lost Heat into Electricity

Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn., recently installed a new heating system in one of its residence halls that also generates free electricity, according to a news release. The SmartWatt Boiler by Enviro Power, installed in the university’s Butterfield student dormitory, converts lost heat into electricity and contributes to the university’s continuing sustainability initiative. This marks the first time that the technology has been installed on a higher-education campus, the news release reports.

The SmartWatt Boiler serves as a drop-in replacement for traditional heat and hot-water system boilers and generates clean energy at 98% efficiency. It contains an internal power plant that captures heat and steam lost in conventional boilers and converts it into free electricity. The boiler is easy to install and reduces a building’s total energy costs over time.

“We were excited to work with the forward-thinking leaders at Wesleyan and join them on their journey to become a more sustainable, energy-efficient campus,” said Enviro Power CEO Dan Nadav. “The SmartWatt boiler not only provides free electricity to the building, lowering energy costs, but it is an advanced system that delivers heat and hot water using the dorm’s existing infrastructure.”

The news release reports that the system was originally installed and tested at the Butterfield C dormitory, which measures 56,000 square feet. It launched when students returned to campus following the COVID-19 pandemic. The dorm stands three stories, has a capacity for 197 students, and includes a dining hall. The boiler provides hot water to the entire facility, and the electricity produced increases the efficiency of the heating system.

“The installation was flawless, and the new boiler fit seamlessly into our existing heating infrastructure,” said Wesleyan University Facilities Business Manager Jeff Murphy. “It works automatically to generate electricity, and we expect to bring this technology to other dorms and campus buildings moving forward.”

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