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Honeywell Debuts Self-Testing Smoke Detector

Fire and life safety solutions provider Honeywell recently announced the launch of a UL-approved, self-testing smoke detector, according to a news release. The NOTIFIER INSPIRE was designed to automate testing and system maintenance, giving facility managers a greater awareness of system needs and providing service workers with digital, self-testing tools to simplify the maintenance process. The detectors also integrate with Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services cloud-based platform to simplify installation, maintenance, and regulatory compliance.

“Honeywell is integrating intelligence across all aspects of fire and life safety systems,” said Honeywell’s Jurgen Van Goethem, global president, Fire. “By digitizing the most essential system in the building, we’re creating efficiencies during commissioning and maintenance, we’re further improving system reliability, and we’re improving the end-user experience. We’re also working to change building owners’ mindsets to think about fire and life safety systems not just as a necessary system to be able to occupy the building, but as a system with a wealth of data that, going forward, we can tap into to ultimately better protect lives. This will help move the industry toward the creation of safer and more compliant buildings.”

According to the news release, the self-testing feature is particularly useful for smoke detectors in hard-to-reach spaces like locked rooms, high ceilings and more. The detector generates a small amount of heat and smoke to introduce into its own detection chambers, checking both photo and thermal sensors, and confirming that smoke entry points into the detector are clear.

The system also allows a single technician to initiate a test for the entire building from a central panel. The central testing option minimizes disruptions to building activity and prevents the technician from having to access obscure areas like elevator shafts. The system digitizes the inspection report and sends it electronically via the CLSS mobile app, the news release reports.

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