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Brain Corp Launches ‘Site Maps’ for Automated Robotic Operations

Robotics artificial intelligence solutions provider Brain Corp recently launched a new feature in its line of autonomous robots, according to a news release. The BrainOS software now features “Site Maps,” which grant facility managers new insight into site operations to ensure efficiency and provide a clearer picture of proof of work.

Facility managers often face the challenge of determining the work that has been completed and the work that hasn’t. During facility cleaning, it is important to know exactly which areas have been cleaned and which still require attention. The BrainOS Site Maps feature provides facility managers with a visual representation of the site’s environment. The data visualization can keep managers updated on a task’s progress in real time.

“Site maps have been a great way for our customers to receive a more comprehensive story of their operations from the data shared by robots,” said Nicole Holzman-Schneider, Customer Success Specialist at Tennant Company. “This has enabled our customers to really break down their progress week over week so that they are more intelligent and efficient with their operations.”

Site mapping allows for new functionalities like planning efficient routes for fleets of cleaning robots, optimizing schedules, and identifying areas that may need additional attention. The Brain OS suite also provides information like performance grades and summary tables that show the progress in a facility during a week.

Site Maps is accessible through the web-based BrainOS Fleet Ops Portal, the BrainOS mobile app, and email reports. Existing BrainOS customers can contact their equipment manufacturer to enable Site Maps on their devices, according to the news release.

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