REMEDI8 Spotlights Dust Control Mobile Containment Unit

Fire protection and compliance solutions provider REMEDI8 recently spotlighted one of its dust containment units for use in construction and other heavy-debris environments, according to a news release. The DUST-10C was designed for control, efficiency, easy cleaning and maintenance, and durability. The unit also comes pre-assembled to reduce installation costs.

The unit can rise to 10 feet high and comes with a 6-foot, fully extendable ladder for use with taller ceilings. The One-Step Lift and Lock mechanism allows a single worker to move the unit within a facility and set it up within 30 seconds, the news release reports. The unit also offers convertibility for HEPA filtrations, allowing contractors and maintenance workers the ability to fit a dust mitigation unit with a HEPA air filtration system.

The DUST-10C Mobile Containment Unit allows for seamless integration into building environments with its flexible applications and easy cleanability. REMEDI8 also offers compliance coverage to its customers in all 50 U.S. states.

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