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Greenville, S.C., Sees Construction of New Elementary School

Local news reports that construction has begun on a new elementary school in Greenville, S.C. The facility will measure in at 110,000 square feet and will stand on the former site of J.L. Mann High Academy. The project will cost an estimated $56.7 million, of which $4.9 million was approved at a Greenville County Schools Board of Trustees meeting on Feb. 27.

The school is scheduled to open in time for the 2025–26 school year and will have a capacity of 750 students in grades PreK–5. The facility will offer an academic focus on environmental science—featuring a greenhouse and science labs—and the site also includes room for future expansion, local news reports.

Construction began in fall 2023, and the school has yet to be named. Community stakeholders and the general public will submit suggestions to an ad hoc committee of trustee members, and the Board will vote on a name for the school in May 2024.

“The intent of the school is to provide relief because of the growth that I think everybody who lives in Greenville County is aware is in the progress of coming–it’s going to continue,” said Scott Carlin, Executive Director of Facilities for Greenville County Schools in an April 2022 news story. “Fortunately for Greenville County, we’ve got a pretty aggressive planning program to make sure that as we study growth, and what’s going on in the area, we try to get ahead. Not too far ahead, but slightly ahead of where the growth is coming to make sure we provide that capacity, and we don’t get into a situation to where other school districts have gotten into from time to time.”

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