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Kimball International Releases New Season of Alternative Design Podcast

Commercial furnishings company Kimball International recently released the fourth season of its Alternative Design podcast, according to a news release. Host Kaelynn Reid, design futurist at Kimball International, will interview industry experts about the future of education through the lens of design and architecture. Episodes are available via Spotify, Apple, Google Podcasts, and more.

“We are diving into the future of education in this season of the Alternative Design podcast,” said Reid. “Our conversations with innovators, educators, and thought leaders will shed light on how education is evolving to meet the demands of tomorrow's workforce and society. We explore the crucial role that architects and designers play in shaping the learning environments of the future.”

This season of the podcast, aimed toward educators and designers, will focus on topics like reimagining traditional classroom spaces and emerging technologies. It will also discuss the shift from a traditional four-year college career to transitioning in and out of college throughout life in the name of lifelong learning and evolving skills and interests.

“We believe that design is an important and powerful tool for creating spaces that inspire learning and collaboration,” said Kimball International’s Jessica Gubbins, Vice President of Brand, Digital, and Insights Marketing. “Through the Alternative Design podcast, we aim to spark conversations and generate action toward designing a brighter future for education.”

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