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Zurn Elkay Water Solutions Launches Bottle Filling Station with Smart Capabilities

Zurn Elkay Water Solutions recently announced the launch of Smart Filling Bottle Stations, the latest addition to its ezH20 Bottle Filling Station line of products. In addition to providing fresh and filtered water, the units allow facility managers to track a variety of use statistics across each one. A news release reports that the bottle stations are best geared toward colleges, offices, and airports, among other large public facilities.

The Smart Bottle Filling Station tracks statistics like bottles saved, filter status, and water usage, and it also has the ability to schedule flushing events to keep water lines clear. According to the news release, one bottle filling station eliminates an average of 15,000 bottles and 327 pounds of plastic from landfills each year. Certain units offer a quick filter-change wrapper for easy access to the filter.

Zurn Elkay also offers retrofit options for any of its enhanced bottle filling stations manufactured after April 2019. The kit allows units to connect to a gateway that provides the new, smart-connected features. The news release reports that Zurn Elkay’s plumbSMART software can integrate with a wide variety of smart plumbing products.

More information is available on the Zurn Elkay website.