Library Interiors: Creating a Central Hub at School

This webcast will explore strategies to strengthen connections at libraries, implement a master plan, create learning spaces outside the classroom and form a central hub on campus. 

Date: 12/10/19

Health Sciences Facilities: Understanding the Interior Needs of High-Performance, Multifaceted Education Spaces

This webcast will explore strategies for space planning, intentional adjacencies, resource allocation, and appropriate finishes. Case study examples from several recently constructed health sciences facilities will be included.

Date: 12/12/19

On Demand

Tools to Navigate the Changing Workforce in Maintenance and Operations

Now is a unique time in education operations, where 50% of facility managers are expected to retire in the next 10 years and 80% of Americans agree there is a skills gap in the workforce. But amid all this change is opportunity to harness tools and technology to make sure your team is prepared for the future. Join us as we discuss how to navigate the changing workforce in maintenance and operations.

Achieving a 4.0 for Sustainability in Higher Education

This course will assert different sustainable techniques that apply to design and architecture in education spaces, as well as highlight major green building certification platforms that are creating specific paths for buildings to achieve their optimum potential.

Reducing Energy Consumption in Educational Institutions: Best Practices for Conservation

Join our webinar to learn about how energy management is a win-win for institutions across the board when it comes to reducing environmental impact, saving money and improving the learning environment for the students you serve.

How to Turn Collaboration into Cost Savings

Join us to find out how higher education procurement teams can collaborate more effectively with internal departments.

The Complete Guide to Event Management in Education

Proper event management can be highly beneficial for your institution. Join us to find out how to refine your event management process.

Facilities & Construction Trends and Their Impact on Learning

You are invited to join us for an overview of the trends in educational facilities and construction based on available data and surveys of the readers of both SP&M and CP&M magazines.