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New Campus Realities: Meeting Evolving Delivery Demands with Contactless Technology

Join us to learn how institutions like yours are meeting new campus realities and heightened expectations of students and faculty with contactless technology like smart lockers.

Disinfecting High-Contact Surfaces in Classrooms to Decrease Student Health Risk

Find out about a new study that shows with administrative and teacher and staff support, routine custodial tasks can be modified to accommodate twice-weekly decontamination of high-touch contact surfaces recognized as key fomites for infectious agent transmission. This is especially relevant as schools consider preventive environmental measures to be taken to reduce health risk to students, teachers, and staff during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The Spaces4Learning August DemoCast

Discover the latest products and services in the market via video demonstrations.

Utilizing Funding to Enhance Teaching and Learning

This webinar will help clarify and enhance your understanding of current COVID-19 relief funding, specifically in the K12 and Higher Education spaces.

The Impact of Biophilic Design on Student Success

This presentation will explore the scientific justification for biophilic design, how biophilic design patterns can be applied at minimal cost to classrooms, and how doing so positively impacts student stress recovery, environmental perceptions, and test scores.

Creating Adaptive Outdoor Learning Spaces

Join us to learn about the importance of including a landscape architect in a successful design process and how COVID-19 might affect the future of outdoor learning spaces.

Stone Wool Acoustic Ceilings for Health & Well-Being

This webinar will cover Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and how interior finish choices can work together to support the health and well-being of building occupants.

The Spaces4Learning March DemoCast

Discover the latest products and services in the market via video demonstrations.

Campus Security: Return to school in the new norm of a post-COVID world

Join us for a deep dive into the return to campus process and the implementation of current and future technology that will have to be incorporated to make schools safe from active shooters as well as disease.

The Spaces4Learning January DemoCast

Discover the latest products and services in the market via video demonstrations.

Putting Plans into Action: A Case Study of UW's Reaction to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Join Tennant Company for a conversation on what worked, what didn't work and how the University of Washington Building Services team is moving forward today.

Doing Your Best with Less: Efficiency Tools for Operations Leaders

We understand your passion, drive and need to succeed in today's environment, and that’s why we are sharing efficiency tips that can make a difference in your staff productivity, levels of service, and environment of health and safety. Join our webinar for insight into the connected tools you need to truly kick-start your efficiency improvement plan.

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Smart Lockers Now and Beyond the Pandemic

Campus operations of all kinds were severely impacted by the pandemic, as were many of the habits and expectations of students, parents, faculty and staff. Some of those changes, it appears, will outlast the pandemic — including advances in the way packages are delivered and tracked on campus. Read this Q&A with the Editor to find out more.