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CEFPI Launches New Professional Certification Program: Accredited Learning Environment Planner (ALEP)

Washington, D.C. — CEFPI is pleased to announce the next evolution in professional excellence within the educational facilities industry as the association takes a step forward with its worldwide professional certification program. Synonymous with the name of the association, the Certified Educational Facility Planner (CEFP) program was an initiative that began in the 1980’s with CEFPI’s Recognized Educational Facility Planner (REFP). Today the program stands as the industry’s benchmark for professional knowledge and excellence.

After years of assessment and refinement, the CEFP Commission, which governs the association’s credential, is heralding the most comprehensive professional program in the educational facility industry, the Accredited Learning Environment Planner (ALEP).

The credential is changing to reflect inclusiveness of every facet in the educational facility industry. Through a comprehensive overhaul in its membership structure and professional content development last year, CEFPI is now embracing more disciplines and professions than ever before. The association’s content catalog now allows all planners and professionals within the field to have one organization that they can turn to as a resource.  There will be a new study program, source material, continuing education requirements and a comprehensive examination in order to become an ALEP.

The ALEP will replace CEFPI’s current certification program and all those who have earned that designation will be awarded the new credential.   CEFPI and the Commission will begin accepting candidates for the new ALEP program beginning in October, 2015.  Like the association’s credentials in earlier eras, the ALEP is now the association’s industry standard for all professionals engaged in planning, designing, operating, maintaining, and equipping learning environments at all levels of education.

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