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CHPS Releases New CHPS PreFAB Program and Pre-Approves First Model

Sacramento, Calif. — The Collaborative for High Performance School (CHPS) released the 2016 CHPS PreFABTM Criteria and Program. The CHPS PreFAB program provides a streamlined process for pre-approving prefabricated modular classroom models that meet the CHPS Criteria rating system for healthy, high performance schools. In addition, CHPS is pleased to announce that the Gen7 24x40 foot model is the first to successfully complete the new CHPS PreFAB pre-approval process and Morgan Hill Unified is the first school district to register a CHPS project under the new program.

Classrooms earning this designation meet stringent standards related to indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency, materials, waste management and other sustainable attributes that help students learn and thrive while lowering operating costs.

CHPS PreFAB Pre-Approval is available for individual buildings that include: single or multiple classrooms, one or more stories, permanent construction or relocatable, have independent HVAC systems, are pre-wired and, if applicable, are pre-plumbed.

The CHPS PreFAB program was revised by a subcommittee of the CHPS National Technical Committee. The subcommittee was comprised of a balanced representation of manufacturer, school and other stakeholders. “Having a rating program that focuses on the unique aspects of prefabrication will help spread awareness and greater adoption of this efficient process on a national scale.” said Tom Hardiman, subcommittee co-chair and the Executive Director of the Modular Building Institute. “The CHPS PreFAB Update provides the opportunity for districts to easily identify and 'shop' for classrooms that meet their educational program needs” said Cathy Allen, the other subcommittee co-chair and Chief Operations Officer with the Sacramento City Unified School District. “Much thoughtful work and collaboration by dedicated stakeholders around the nation have helped produce this update that will be a valuable resource for schools and districts and other healthy, high performance schools stakeholders.”

The program has many benefits for both manufacturers and school purchasers/leasers of prefabricated modular classrooms. CHPS PreFAB is an opportunity to obtain pre-approval of prefabricated modular models meeting CHPS Criteria. CHPS PreFAB provides assurance that the classrooms being purchased or leased incorporate a significant number of high performance characteristics. Models that meet the CHPS requirements will be listed in the CHPS High Performance Product Database and have a CHPS PreFAB product label.

CHPS PreFAB is a national program with regional options. CHPS PreFAB is based on the 2014 US-CHPS Criteria and is available in all 50 states. One-hundred fifty-eight of the 250 possible US-CHPS points are available for CHPS PreFAB models. For regional approval, in addition to the US-CHPS requirements, all regional or state CHPS Criteria prerequisites and credit requirements must be met. Regional approvals will be indicated on a Chain-of-Custody document that accompanies the CHPS PreFAB classroom.

There are two levels of qualification available. CHPS PreFAB™ which requires all relevant US-CHPS prerequisites have been met and minimum of 70 points have been earned and CHPS PreFAB Leader™ which requires at least minimum of 100 out of the possible 158 points.

CHPS PreFAB units can be installed as part of a CHPS project to help achieve CHPS Designed or CHPS Verified project recognition. Using a CHPS PreFAB unit as part of a CHPS project can reduce the school-required input to a minimal number of site-related prerequisites and credits, thus reducing verification time and cost.


CHPS is also pleased to announce that the Gen7 24x40 foot model is the first to successfully complete the rigorous PreFAB third party review process. “The new Gen7 PreFAB pre-approval demonstrates American Modular System’s continued pioneering spirit and leadership,” applauded Bill Orr, CHPS Executive Director. “I am particularly impressed by AMS’ emphasis on Indoor Environmental Quality and the Energy Efficiency which is 40-70 percent above the California Title 24 Energy Standards depending on climate zone.”

“The CHPS PreFAB Program is a game-changer! The program makes it easier for schools to evaluate and select high quality, sustainable classrooms that are verified to perform at a higher level, not just in California, but across the country,” said Tony Sarich, co-founder of American Modular Systems and Gen7 Schools. “Gen7 is honored to be part of the CHPS PreFAB Program and proud to be the first modular manufacturer to complete the pre-approval process and offer a classroom that meets the new PreFAB Criteria.”

CHPS is particularly grateful to our presenting sponsors American Modular Systems (AMS)/Gen7 and Bard Manufacturing Company.

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