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Database of European Master's Degree Programs Launching in May

CHAPEL HILL, NC – Due to popular demand, Beyond the States, a service that assists American students in navigating Europe’s English-conducted higher education programs, will launch a searchable database of Europe’s accredited Master’s Degree programs this May. Continental Europe offers more than 4,200 Master’s Degree options at over 475 universities, all available to American and international students without foreign language requirements. European programs are not only more affordable than their American counterparts, with an average tuition of $9,150 per year, but offer students the opportunity to experience different cultures, gain a competitive edge in the job market and build an international network of relationships and contacts.

European Master’s Degree programs are one, one-and-a-half or two years in duration. There are more than 1,656 degree options that cost under $5,000 per year and more than 700 that are entirely tuition-free. (By contrast, according to, a Master’s Degree in the United States can cost between $30,000 and $120,000, depending on the university and program). European schools offer many options for full scholarships and some also offer travel cost and monthly living stipends. Admissions processes for English-conducted European programs are less complicated than at American schools and require less testing. 

“For Americans interested in being global citizens, studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity.  Our services helps people educate themselves about their options in Europe,” says Beyond The States founder Jennifer Viemont. ”In addition to our databases, we offer members a ‘best fit program’ service. Subscribers complete a questionnaire that asks about interests, qualifications, and other individual information. Based on this information, we provide them with a short list of programs that we think would best suit them. This service is a great shortcut for people who want to navigate the maze of more than 4,200 Master’s Degree options.”

Beyond the States does not accept advertising or funding from universities, enabling it to provide objective information about the schools. Viemont has personally visited, vetted and researched many of the schools listed in the Beyond the States database.

About Beyond the States
Launched in 2016, Beyond the States provides students and their families information about English-conducted college opportunities in Europe, an option which offers a myriad of benefits unknown to many Americans. With over 350 schools and more than 1,500 programs in its Bachelor’s Degree database, Beyond the States in a one-stop source for comprehensive and unbiased information, empowering students to make informed decisions about their future and to earn their degree while seeing the world.  As of 2017, Beyond the States also offers information on European Master’s Degree programs and combined Bachelor’s/Master’s degree programs in dentistry, medicine, veterinary medicine and pharmacy. For more information on Beyond the States, please visit