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AASA Issues Medicaid 101 Guide for Superintendents

Alexandria, Va. – AASA's "Healthy Schools Campaign" has issued a valuable guide on Medicaid, which, together with CHIP, covers nearly 46 million children in the United States. For decades, Medicaid has paid for eligible school health services, including IEPs. It provides a sustainable source of revenue for a wide variety of school-based health and behavioral health services - nursing, mental health, physical and speech therapy, optometry, dental care, and nutrition

Children are eligible to get their health insurance through Medicaid or CHIP based on family income or unique health care needs (e.g., a disability or serious mental illness), or if they are in foster care. Coverage is provided up to the age of 21. 

Check out this useful guide.  If your district isn't paying attention to Medicaid, you are overlooking an important asset in the struggle to help your students.