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North Dakota School Board Approves New $94.5M High School

The Mandan School Board in Mandan, N.D., recently approved the construction of a new, $94.5-million high school. The new Mandan High School is set to replace the existing facility of the same name, which is scheduled for demolition once students transition to the new space. Construction by Northwest Contracting is scheduled to begin soon and finish in time for the beginning of the 2024–25 academic year, according to local news.

Funding for the project comes from an $84-million bond referendum that voters approved in April 2021. The referendum was for the construction of a new high school and a new elementary school in the nearby Lakewood area. Local news reports that construction on the new Lakewood Elementary is underway and is scheduled for completion in fall 2023. Additional funds will come from multiple sources like a successful Career & Technical Education (CTE) grant; the sale of property surrounding the two new schools; and various sponsorship opportunities and public-private partnerships.

“While the cost of the buildings has increased substantially over the last year, due to inflation, taxpayers can still expect to pay the $99.00 per $100,000 of property they own,” said Sheldon Wolf, Mandan School Board President. “This was the estimate that was shared by school officials during the school referendum informational meetings last year.”

Rising construction costs and funding limits have caused a few projects that were part of the original plan to be put on hold—such as a new swimming pool attached to the high school. The district said that the pool has already been designed and can be added when funds become available.

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