Quattrocchi Kwok Architects Leadership Transition

Quattrocchi Kwok Architects (QKA), based in Santa Rosa, Calif., recently announced a leadership transition that will take effect on Jan. 1, 2023. A news release reports that the architecture firm’s Founding Principals—Mark Quattrocchi, FAIA, and Steve Kwok, AIA—will take on Principal Emeritus status, continuing to work with select clients and offer mentorship while moving away from direct leadership.

QKA Principals Aaron Jobson, Jim Theiss, John Dybcak, Lyanne Schuster, Kevin Chapin, and Nick Stephenson will take on management and strategic planning responsibilities while also continuing with their existing roles in client service. Jobson, Thiess, and Dybczak are long-serving QKA Principals, while Schuster, Chapin, and Stephenson recently assumed those titles, the news release reports.

“We take profound pride in the integrity, quality, and culture that Mark and Steve have instilled in the fabric of our firm,” said Jobson. “The values and vision they established have been instrumental in the success and ongoing progress the firm has enjoyed throughout its history. My fellow principals and I view this next chapter as an opportunity to utilize this framework as we embrace the challenges and opportunities of the moment, continuing the firm’s evolution and building on our work in designing exceptional learning environments that have a positive impact on their communities.”

Jobson joined QKA in 2001 and will take on the role of CEO and President. Theiss joined in 2000 and will serve as COO. Finally, Dybczak joined in 2013 and will become the CFO. The three spearheaded QKA initiatives like the Employee Stock Ownership Plan and the JUST Scorecard for transparency and equity.

Other promotions and transitions will include Eddie Van Slambrouck, who will take over for Quattrocchi as director of design. Tiffany Young will move up to the position of director of operations, and Claudia Tannehill will serve as the director of construction.

“As our firm has grown, the cultivation of leadership is a vision we have long held for its future,” said Quattrocchi. “We have complete confidence that the next generation of QKA leadership will continue to drive innovation internally, as they have in our DEI awareness and efforts, and in the design of education facilities. It is with enthusiasm that we look forward to the future of a firm that represents so much for Steve and me.”

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