Kimball International Launches ‘Creating Places to Belong’ Initiative

Furniture manufacturer Kimball International recently announced the launch of its “Creating Places to Belong” initiative with the goal of making employees feel valued and connected to their workplace, according to a news release. The company launched a microsite and an interactive playbook developed through research and conversations with customers that contains tools, stories, insights, inspiration, and conversation about what it means to create a welcoming environment.

“As employers, we know that we are providing something much more than a workspace,” said Kimball International Chief Operating Officer Kourtney Smith. “We are really providing places for people to belong.”

Alongside its workplace campaign, Kimball has also launched Education and Health versions of “Creating Places to Belong.” The data-driven insights, personal video interviews, and solution suggestions all lead to the message that “the right spaces create connections,” according to the news release. A mix of environments can support a variety of tasks, whether collaborative or solo projects. Factors like hybrid environments, prioritizing flexibility, focusing on inclusion and belonging, and supporting mental health and overall well-being all lead to employees feeling at home in their space, the news release reports.

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