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Texas K–12 District Breaks Ground on Tenth Elementary School

The Waxahachie Independent School District near Dallas, Texas, recently celebrated a groundbreaking ceremony for the district’s tenth elementary school, according to a news release. The district partnered with VLK Architects on the project. Funding comes from a voter-approved bond from May 2023 that will also lead to the construction of a second facility, a replacement elementary school to meet the district’s recent enrollment growth.

The new school will serve students in grades PreK–5 and include amenities like an open-concept library and collaboration spaces. The school’s exterior will feature red brick, and the interior will use natural colors and circular abstract forms on ceilings, floors, and walls to create a sense of vibrancy, movement, and energy, according to the news release. According to the district website, the school will have capacity for about 800 students.

“With its focus on student collaboration and varied learning spaces, this new elementary is an exciting addition to Waxahachie ISD,” said VLK Principal Jonathan Aldis. “It also represents an important first step in following through with the hard work of the 2022 Long Range Planning Committee and preparing for Waxahachie ISD’s future.”

The district received donated land in the Saddlebook neighborhood on the city’s east side for the new school’s placement. Completion is scheduled for the school to open its doors in time for the 2024–25 academic year. The facility will measure in at 90,822 square feet and is tentatively slated to be known as Saddlebrook Elementary, according to online construction reports.

“Because of education, we will continue to be a shining star in this part of North Texas,” said Superintendent Dr. Jerry Hollingsworth. “Because of education, people will continue to want to live here and to build lives here and build their entire existence in this place. And our community said we want to continue to be that kind of place.”

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