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Wenger Launches LED Light Fixture

Music and theater education solutions company Wenger Corporation recently announced the launch of the Novara LED light fixture, according to a news release. The product was intentionally designed as a retrofit for Diva Acoustic Shells, allowing venues to upgrade light fixtures within those shells to save on electricity costs without replacing the entire setup.

The news release reports that Novara serves as the only LED fixture designed as a 1:1 replacement for incandescent fixtures installed in the existing Diva Acoustical Shells. The LED bulbs offer comparable beam angles and lumen output to provide shell lighting of performance spaces at a more sustainable cost.

Novara LED Fixture
Photo Courtesy of Wenger Corporation

The Novara LED fixture offers a brightness of 6,800 lumens to fully illuminate the venue’s stage area. The new fixtures are also silent, lacking any buzzing or humming noises that might distract from a performance. The energy-efficient bulbs exude minimal heat and no ultraviolet or infrared radiation. They can also save organizations up to 86% on electricity costs and consumption.

The fixtures are individually controllable and addressable using DMX/RDM or mains dimming technology. The two-axis beam positioning allows for easy adjustability and fine-tuning to tailor it to a given performance. The bulb also has a lifespan 35 times as long as its predecessor, reducing both maintenance times and replacement costs.

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