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New LG CreateBoard Features Built-in Access to Google Play Store

LG Business Solutions USA (LG) has announced a new CreateBoard, the TR3DK-BM, to be shipped this spring. It will come with ransomware default protection ChromeOS Flex and Android 13 pre-installed and be able to access the Google Play store. LG obtained Google Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement (EDLA) certification in response to educators who subscribe to Google's education app suite asking for the capability.

Android 13 will allow educators "to customize their apps by color, theme, and language," the company said, and every new CreateBoard model will also be able to access the Google Play store. The new display will have an up-to-40-point simultaneous multi-touch surface and be capable of content creation, sharing, and management for training in its use. It will also have Google Play Protect Service, which monitors for suspicious behavior.

Also in response to educator requests, every LG CreateBoard will be updated to integrate with the Common Alerting Protocol, a government digital format for emergency alerts, LG said. Each board then becomes an "end point" that gives help and information in an emergency. This will be implemented during the second quarter of 2024.

The new display was featured at FETC 2024 in Orlando.

"We are always looking for ways to make our displays and technologies easier to use and more functional for users, and the feedback we've received from the education community made it clear that native access to Google for Education Apps will help teachers better manage their time, their classrooms, and their lessons," said Victoria Sanville, LG's director of education.

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