Healthy Facilities Award

Healthy Facilities AwardYou are invited to participate in the 2018 Healthy Facilities Award program sponsored by School Planning & Management, College Planning & Management and the Healthy Facilities Institute.

The program recognizes the efforts of educational institutions that strive to:

  • Improve and protect the indoor environment at their facilities
  • Provide better conditions for students, staff, faculty and visitors
  • Advance learning outcomes by enhancing safety and health

Criteria for recognition will be based on implementation of the basic principles as outlined in the Healthy School Handbook. (For supplementary information including references, posts by experts, videos, and audios, visit the Healthy and Safe Facilities Handbook website.)

All submissions will be judged by a panel representing industry experts, administrators and advocates for safe and healthy schools.

Institutions will be recognized in the April issues of SP&M and CP&M, on the SP&M/CP&M website and featured in future Healthy Facilities Webinars.

The goal is not only to recognize the schools, but also to inspire and motivate others through information and experience sharing.

Kaivac Cleaning SystemsThe Grand Prize winner of our Healthy Facilities Award will also receive a Kaivac, Lithium-ion powered OmniFlex AutoVac and a case of Kaivac’s  Neutral Floor Cleaner. This high-performance floor cleaning machine is three-to- four times faster than a mop, removing soils from the floor surface. According to major university testing, it cleans as well and as fast as a walk behind auto scrubber.  Perfect for cleaning hard surfaces areas, like entryways, hallways, lobbies, cafeterias, gymnasiums and more. The value of the OmniFlex AutoVac and Neutral Floor Cleaner is $2,439. We applaud Kaivac for sponsoring this award program and providing this useful prize.

2017 Healthy Facilities Award Winners

Gold Standard of Excellence:
Aurora Public Schools

Silver Standard of Excellence:
Elk Grove USD

Healthy Facilities Advorcate:
Hawaii Preparatory Academy