2017 Healthy Facilities Silver Standard of Excellence

Healthy Facilities Silver Standard of ExcellenceElk Grove USD (EGUSD) received the Silver Standard of Excellence recognition for its district-wide commitment to a better indoor environment:

• Each Classroom has an HVAC unit and MERV 8 filters are routinely changed every three months. In ceramic and carpentry shops, filters are changed monthly.

• Acoustic tiles are used throughout. Most HVAC units are located on the roof, not near windows and doors.

• Classrooms are cleaned and vacuumed daily. Fragrant oils, sprays, etc. are strongly discouraged in rooms. Fragrant shrubs and trees are planted away from classroom doors and windows. EGUSD uses walk-off matting in each room to reduce walkedin contamination. They also use Green Seal-approved products, often hydrogenperoxide based, and, increasingly, OSG (on-site generation) of ElectroChemically Activated Solutions. Making their own solutions saves money, and reduces common chemical exposures.

• The district has formed a standing committee to assess the effect of pollutants and chemicals on asthma, allergies and other breathing problems.

• EGUSD uses diamond-polishing of concrete in several areas to eliminate chemically intensive maintenance.

• EGUSD provides M&O employees a $160 credit for steel-toed footwear.

• Water fountains are in most classrooms. Water-vending machines are in middle and high school campuses. Many office areas have water filters connected to faucets.

• EGUSD has a detailed IPM program that is a part of staff training.

• EGUSD has moved to alternative treatments for burrowing rodents that include non-bait methods such as CO2 and habitat modification.

• EGUSD has protected insect pollinators by harvesting eight honey bee swarms in the last two years. These were turned over to local bee keepers.

Elk Grove USD

HEALTHY SCHOOLS = CARING. The Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI), in partnership with School Planning & Management and College Planning & Management magazines, proudly acknowledge the thousands of caring individuals that work in the nation’s public and private schools and the standouts are highlighted, based on applications, through the Healthy Facilities Awards.