Current State of Educational Facilities

A recent survey, conducted online by School Planning & Management, of people involved in maintenance, the upkeep and care of buildings and grounds, and administrators, provided some expected and unexpected results. It was surprising that 72 percent rated the condition of their facilities as good or adequate. Even more surprising was the fact that 56 percent thought that the condition of their facilities had improved in the past three to five years, during which time 62 percent report that their budgets have decreased.

Not surprising were the answers that showed that 74 percent said that tight budgets had forced them to defer maintenance, or that 62 percent feel that not enough funding is available to pay for items outlined in their comprehensive maintenance plans (plans 64 percent said exist in their districts).

Sixty-four percent even feel that their staffs are adequately trained to implement their maintenance plans, but only 52 percent of the districts have developed a systematic way to evaluate the effectiveness of the plans. And, 54 percent report that they have inadequate staffing levels.

Following are some interesting write-in answers to the question “What message would you like to see conveyed to administrators, politicians and the public about the importance of maintaining their schools?”

The quality of the learning environment is second only to the quality of the teacher in the classroom in its impact on student achievement. Yet the funding levels for creating and maintaining a quality learning environment are disproportionately low.

Delayed maintenance and construction/rennovation costs in lthe long run.

Listen to us! Provide adequiate state funding to maintain schools. No school should have to close because of lack of funding.

When you delay maint. on building the problems don't go away, defered , just increases the cost and scope of repairs needed.

Budget for life cycle costs not just first cost of buildings. Maintenance as a building cost not a reaction to a crisis.

Schools are the back bone of communities and need to be treated as such.

The students are our future. With out the proper education these young men and women will loose jobs to foreign students and the USA will suffer greatly.

Where's the pride?