What Should You Expect When Your Room Is Cleaned?

*Daily **As needed ***As time permits
  • *Trash emptied. **Liner replaced.
  • **Replace light tubes.
  • ***Windows spot cleaned.
  • **Sinks cleaned.
  • *Bathrooms cleaned & disinfected. **Paper/soap dispensers stocked.
  • **Marker boards cleaned once per week.
  • *Wall mounted pencil sharpeners emptied.
  • ***Student desktops cleaned.
  • *Carpets vacuumed. **Stains spot cleaned.
  • *Floors dust mopped.
  • **Floors spot-mopped.
  • ***Dusting is only done when surfaces are clear of paper/materials.
What the Operations Department — and Your Custodian — Need From You and Students

  1. 30 second rule — at the end of each school day, all students pick up and dispose of trash on the floor around their desks. Stack all student chairs or place on top of desks. Books, book bags, shoes, etc. should be kept off floors. Floors will only be swept were area is free of these obstructions.
  2. Avoid putting tape of any kind on carpets, walls and wood doors. Rolls of Velcro work well on carpets and gum tack may be used on walls and wood doors.
  3. Spills (juice, coffee, pop) please blot with paper towels or cloth towels to prevent stains from setting. Notify the main office or custodian of spills, when they occur.
  4. Turn off computers, monitors, printers and TV monitors. Apply computer and monitor shut-off settings from the control panel. Close windows, doors and turn off lights.
  5. Please do not bring in personal furniture such as sofas, beanbag chairs, shelving units, etc. Such items may not meet fire code and OPS staff is not required to clean personal items.
  6. Do not bring in personal cleaning or pesticide chemicals. Federal and state legislature strictly regulates their use and application. If you need cleaning solutions, please notify your building custodian.
  7. If you have an HVAC unit (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) in your room, avoid blocking the unit and setting items on top of it. This equipment supplies the room with fresh air, heat and in some buildings, air conditioning. By restricting the airflow, you reduce air supply to yourself and students and place excess stress on the HVAC equipment.
  8. Limit food brought into the classroom or seal it in appropriate containers. This reduces the entry of pests and will limit the number of critters in your room.
Custodians are taken out of their areas regularly to provide extra event service, which lessens the time spent cleaning their area of responsibility. Thank you for your understanding on these occasions.