TechUpgrade (Real-World Solutions)

Solutions for Focusing on Growing Core Business

An online institution, eCornell provides Ivy League caliber instruction for online professional and executive development courses and certificates for more than 50,000 students worldwide. While also allowing individuals to enroll, eCornell specializes in offering bundles of courses directly to corporations.

Managing its large number of corporations — each with their own courses, contracts and portals — is a large undertaking. In order to streamline operations, eCornell recently transitioned from a homegrown enterprise solution to Destiny One, an enterprise system by Destiny Solutions, a company that specializes in creating software for non-traditional higher education. Live since July 2013, the system allows eCornell to more effectively respond to opportunities and more efficiently manage numerous revenue streams.

With Destiny One, eCornell is able to provide a customizable experience for each corporate client in the form of both tailored corporate administrator and corporate learner portals. Additionally, eCornell is also able to provide each corporate client with a customized course catalog that maps the core competencies that the corporation wants to develop in its employees as part of their human capital management strategy.

“eCornell’s unique approach to elearning requires sophisticated software to administer students and manage programs throughout the customer lifecycle,” says Rob Kingyens, chief marketing and technology officer of eCornell. “By shifting away from our homegrown system and onto the Destiny One platform, we are able to focus our technology efforts on new product development and solutions that enhance the learning experience and engagement with our global customer base.”

Specially equipped to manage the complexities of scalable, online corporate training, the implementation of Destiny One allowed eCornell to focus on growing their business and continuing to provide exceptional courses. As a result, eCornell can provide an intuitive and streamlined experience for staff and students alike, while also improving corporate employee development by providing real and measurable outcomes.

This article originally appeared in the College Planning & Management December 2013 issue of Spaces4Learning.