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New Additions to the Analogy Series

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Dozens of affordable, comfortably contoured Analogy™ furniture items for K-12 schools are now available from Virco. These new models complement the initial launch of Analogy 4-leg classroom stack chairs in 2013.

Designed for Virco by the award-winning tandem of Peter Glass and Bob Mills, Analogy seating models incorporate the ergonomic benefits that have helped to make the company’s best-selling ZUMA® and Sage™ product lines — also designed by Glass and Mills — so popular with educators and students nationwide.

The injection-molded Analogy chair shell’s array of features and benefits includes: a waterfall front edge to promote good circulation in the user’s upper legs, lower legs and feet; a carefully relieved seat scoop to help reduce pressure on sensitive “bottom bones”; and a generous, flexible thoracic-area surface that provides excellent mid-back support and comfort to users of many sizes. The shell incorporates a gentle lumbar swell that encourages proper reverse curvature of the spine and enables greater comfort for a wide range of body types, while a hollowed-out “wallet area” helps prevent uncomfortable pressure on the tailbone and promotes good posture. In addition, the shell has contoured wrap-around flexible ribs, which are dynamically tuned to allow the upper back to flex more easily than the lower sections, a key design element for combining comfort with support.

New Analogy™ models offering these exceptional benefits include a selection of cantilever chairs and rockers that can be ordered for K-12 environments in four seat heights and shell sizes, including an extra large shell that’s ideal for taller and larger students. New Analogy four-leg and sled-based combos are also available with an extra large shell, as are new Analogy Agile Combos.

If you’re not familiar with Virco’s Agile Combo units, these innovative furniture items have twin-wheel casters with a “sitlock” brake on their front legs and rubber-base glides on their rear legs. This caster/glide combination allows Agile Combos to provide an excellent balance of mobility and stability, and that’s particularly important in collaborative learning classrooms where furniture is often moved. For example, when an instructor wants students to move their Agile Combos out of a traditional row configuration into small groups of three, four or more for collaborative study, all that the students need to do after getting out of their seats is to lift up on the convenient hand-hold near the crest of the Analogy Agile Combo shell and then roll their Agile Combos into place.

Once they’ve been positioned as the instructor desires, rubber-base rear glides help keep Agile Combos securely in place as long as students are seated. By contrast, mobile combos from other manufacturers with casters on all four legs can contribute to classroom management issues since students can disruptively “roll around” in such units without getting out of their seats.

Analogy Agile Combos have a “surfboard” shaped Fortified Recycled Wood™ hard plastic top that measures 19-3/8 inches by 25-3/8 inches by 5/8 of an inch. Analogy’s traditional four-leg and sledbased combos utilize the same top; moreover, all Analogy Combo units can now be ordered with a surfboard top that combines a particleboard core and a high-pressure laminate surface. Additional top shapes and sizes for Analogy Combos are under development.

To round out the latest enhancements to this product collection, Analogy 4-leg chairs with an 18-inch seat height, as well as Analogy chairs with an 18-1/2-inch seat height and an extra large shell, can now be specified with a welded-on, steel-rod bookrack.

In addition to providing educators with a diverse assortment of ergonomically supportive, high-value furniture choices for 21st-century schools, all Analogy models have earned Greenguard Gold® certification for low chemical emissions into indoor environments.

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