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Never Get Called on the Carpet

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At least thousands maybe hundreds of thousands. That’s what you’ll save with an FGS/PermaShine polished concrete floor. The explanation is really pretty simple. FGS/PermaShine floors don’t scuff, scratch, peel, chip, mark or any of the other things that mess up any other kind of floor.

Why? Because unlike other floors, FGS/PermaShine floors aren’t just thin coatings or wax. The beauty of PermaShine is built right into the concrete so it never wears off and it never wears out. That means you’re saving money from day one.

Keeping your floor looking new is simply elementary. FGS/PermaShine polished concrete floors don’t really need a lot of care. Sweep them, wash them, use them. That’s it. Really. Nothing to replace, no stripping and no high maintenance costs. Ever.

Old school. New school. This just might be the best part. The FGS/PermaShine system works just as well on an old floor as it does a new one. We’ve restored floors that were over 100 years old. Compare FGS/PermaShine restoration to replacement costs and you’re in for a very nice surprise.

FGS/PermaShine floors are GreenSpec certified and contribute to LEED points for their sustainability and environmental advantages? (Ask about our FREE Guide to Polished Concrete and LEED.)

Slip into something more comfortable. Not on the floor. FGS/PermaShine floors aren’t slippery, despite their shiny appearance. In fact, The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) certified FGS/PermaShine as “High Traction” floors. That means that your new floor will maintain the same non-slip characteristics as bare concrete.

How do you graduate to a PermaShine floor? That’s easy — and less expensive than other floor options. Give us a call or check us out at

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