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Save Resources and Money While Meeting the Unique Needs of Your Institution

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Although controlling operating cost is an ongoing concern for colleges and universities, providing clean and healthy facilities for faculty and students as well as a “green” environment for your community are also important considerations. You can find part of the solution to all these challenges in a surprising place: your institution’s restrooms.

Cost Control You Can Count On

When high-speed hand dryers replace paper towels in the restroom, you eliminate the cost of purchasing, inventorying and restocking towels — and this can add up to significant savings. On average, most people use 2.5 sheets of paper towels each time they dry their hands. With an average of 39,000 restroom visits each day for a large university, paper towels add up to an estimated expense of $74,520 a year.

World Dryer high-speed hand dryers, by comparison, will cost only $13.65 a day to handle those 39,000 restroom visits. Our hand dryers can pay for themselves in just 6 to 18 months and are energyefficient, durable and cost-effective.

Sanitation Saves, Too

In the heavy traffic areas of your facilities, you can usually count on finding the restroom trash receptacles overflowing with wet, germ-carrying paper towels. Keeping these restrooms tidy and sanitary adds to maintenance expenses. World Dryer high-speed hand dryers eliminate the need for cleaning up messy and potentially contaminated paper towels several times daily and also reduce opportunities for vandalism or for clogging the plumbing with paper towels.

Touchless high-speed hand dryers, such as World Dryer’s SMARTdri® series, SLIMdri ® and VMax® hand dryers, make it unnecessary for the user to physically contact the hand dryer. Antimicrobial technology, available with some hand dryers, inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus, and extends the dryer’s service life.

Protecting the Environment Matters

Using “green” fixtures like World Dryer touchless high-speed hand dryers instead of paper towels shows students, faculty and visitors that the college cares about the environment. Our high-speed hand dryers use 88 percent less energy than traditional hand dryers, and they dry hands up to three times faster.

Over its lifetime, one World Dryer high-speed hand dryer produces three tons less CO2 than the production of the paper towels it replaces — saving, literally, tons of trees and the resources required to make paper. Additionally, while paper towels can be made from recycled paper, they can’t be recycled, creating millions of cubic feet of waste in landfills.

Intelligently Designed Hand Dryers to Meet Your Unique Needs

Colleges and universities include many different types of facilities, such as classrooms, libraries, locker rooms, theaters and cafeterias. Each has its own needs, and when it comes to modern hand dryers, one size does not fit all.

World Dryer’s high-speed hand dryers have been designed specifically for different locations and applications. For publicly accessed areas, many models are surface-mounted and ADA-compliant, so you won’t need costly recessed installation kits. Many provide on-off heating controls, so if heat is not required, the hand dryer is even more energy efficient. World Dryer’s SMARTdri series features three-speed motor controls to optimize energy efficiency and user comfort.

World Dryer is the only manufacturer that offers you a full portfolio of fast, state-of-the-art hand dryers designed to fit the varying needs of any facility. Competitively priced, every World Dryer hand dryer product is designed, engineered and manufactured to help you realize long-term economic and environmental savings.

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