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A Quick Switch Saves the Bottom Line

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By upgrading your lighting with a Spring City LED luminaire you can focus light onto your path instead of losing light into the night sky.

Many universities across the country have made the switch to LED outdoor lighting with Spring City’s Symphonic LED luminaires. By upgrading your luminaire system with a Spring City conversion kit, you gain the same benefits of a retrofit replacement, plus a sealed conversion kit and a ten-year warranty! A LED luminaire will save your campus maintenance time, energy consumption will be reduced approximately 75 percent and will reduce your carbon footprint.

An Augusta conversion kit will last well beyond 75,000 hours. The LED system operates with great lighting efficiency, which is supported by the Spring City’s CoolCast thermal management system. CoolCast removes the heat from within the luminaire, allowing the LEDs to perform at the optimal level. The optical system is strategically located within the roof of the luminaire in a way that sends light directly toward your task.

The Augusta luminaire will be sure to meet the lighting requirements of your project. The Spring City LED line is easy to install and will not need to be maintained for well over ten years. And like everything else, they’re made in America.

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