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Expanding Educational Offering with In Theory


The pursuit of knowledge is the inspiration for In Theory, Invision’s modular carpet collection for education. Invision’s design studios explored the process of learning and abstracted concepts to form three carpet designs ranging from loose organic “thoughts” to linear “data streams.” Patterns can be used individually for a streamlined approach, collaboratively for area rug effects that delineate learning spaces, or mixed together for a dash of attitude. In Theory includes three innovative patterns: Big Bang, contemporary organic splashes juxtaposed with structured stripes; Conspiracy, geometric color blocks and interrupted lines; and String, level loop stripes spaced at irregular intervals.

Color and Branding

Research shows that colors used in a classroom can stimulate learning, increase productivity and affect moods. In Theory’s 13 color treatments respond to the diverse needs of K–12 and higher education with bright primary colors that stimulate younger students and cooler neutrals and earth tones that allow better concentration for teens and college students. Palettes also address the realities of extended renovation schedules, combining timeless colors with injections of fresh, updated hues.

“The floor is not just a surface, but an added dimension that employs color, texture and pattern to communicate the school’s image, culture and values,” says Ross Leonard, vice president of Marketing for J+J Flooring Group, Invision’s parent company. “In Theory leverages the floor, providing a sophisticated backdrop that updates the interiors while expressing a positive statement about the school’s outlook and attitude.”

Evidence-based Design

A national survey of public school teachers shows that 92 percent believe that classroom design has a strong impact on student learning and achievement. Research also correlates specific aspects of learning environments with measurable outcomes in student achievement and teacher performance.

“Evidence-based design, born out of the healthcare industry, is being embraced by educational designers to address many of the same challenges healthcare designers struggle with, including acoustics, cleanability and safety issues such as slips and falls,” says David Daughtrey, director of Business Development, Healthcare and Education, J+J Flooring Group. “The floor plane, one of the largest interiors surfaces, offers maximum opportunity to positively impact these issues.”

For In Theory, Invision engineered a 24-inch modular carpet with Encore® solution-dyed yarn for superior cleanability, colorfastness and stain resistance. The modular platform provides the ultimate flexibility in space planning and evolves easily to accommodate continually changing learning spaces with moveable partitions and mobile furnishings.

Safety, Acoustics and Cleanability

Some 77 percent of teachers believe that carpets help prevent slips and falls, creating a safer learning environment. In Theory reduces the risk of slips and falls associated with hard-surface flooring and lessens the chance of injury when they do occur. The modular carpet also provides a non-glare surface, an important consideration to reduce eyestrain.

In Theory reduces leg fatigue for teachers who stand on their feet for much of the day and provides a comfortable surface to sit on for informal and collaborative learning. The soft surface also minimizes impact noise and reduces sound reverberation, providing a quiet learning atmosphere. Around 81 percent of teachers believe that a quiet environment has a strong impact on student learning and achievement.

Encore solution-dyed yarn provides exceptional longevity and cleanability. It is engineered to minimize the visual effects of soiling by decreasing the surface area to which dirt can cling. Color is added to the fiber during the extrusion process, enabling Encore to hold up to UV light, atmospheric contaminants and even harsh cleaning agents.

IAQ and Sustainability

In Theory harnesses leading-edge sustainability technologies, according to Russ DeLozier, J+J Flooring Group Director of Sustainability. Nexus® backing is certified to NSF/ANSI 140 Gold and CRI Green Label Plus. In addition, the carpet’s yarn system, Encore SD Ultima, contains approximately 25 percent recycled content. The products have a long lifecycle and are fully recyclable via the J+J Carpet Reclamation Program.

This low-VOC carpet can be installed without adhesives using Invision’s new TileTabs®. TileTabs’ VOCs are so low they are undetectable. The system reduces environmental impact by 97 percent compared to traditional adhesives. Fast and flexible, TileTabs also open opportunities to design freestanding area rugs over hard-surface flooring.

For more information on In Theory and Invision’s solutions for educational interiors, visit or call 800/241-4586.

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