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Portable Room Dividers... 25 Years Later!

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We did not develop several lines of portable, affordable room dividers overnight.

We started with one line, which had three models, back in 1989.

Since then, we have designed, patented and manufactured several lines of versatile room dividers based upon the needs of our customers. Our most popular line is our Freestanding Portable Room Divider. When unusually challenging conditions are the norm, such as in the hospitality industry, we offer a heavy-duty model. For those customers with a very basic need, our Simplex Dividers are the answer.

Our Wallmount line is likewise quite popular in the educational market and beyond. Similar to our Freestanding line, Wallmount Dividers are available in several heights, lengths and colors.

Yes, for those customers who are looking for a complete “classroom in a box,” we still offer three different models of our original Portable classroom line — the very first line we designed/patented. This line features a portable cabinet with built-in marker board(s). Likewise, built into the cabinet are two concealed compartments, each of which house 16 feet, six inches of soundabsorbing, tackable room dividers. When fully extended, the dividers and cabinet combine to total 37 feet of dividing capacity.

Finally, the most recent addition to our family of products is our portable Display Towers, which help administrators more easily display information, artwork, etc.

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