Editor's Note (The View From Here)

Welcome to 2014

The start of the new year is the time we all think about turning over a new leaf and taking positive steps towards a better future — both personally and professionally. By mid- January we realize that change is not as easy as we thought, and we begin reassessing our resolutions. By the end of the month half of those resolutions are a distant memory. While half of us may fail, half of us will succeed… and that means change is happening.

It is true that not all change means progress, but progress is impossible without change. Some change will happen organically, but most relies on the efforts of leaders with both the vision and the bravery to withstand the firestorm that will occur within an organization when change happens. Fortunately, we have education leaders who are willing and able to make things happen.

We asked some of those leaders what trends — both current and future — they see happening in education in 2014. In the wake of recent tragedies, the need for improved safety and security measures tops everyone’s list. The importance of incorporating learning styles in planning for 21st-century educational environments takes on new meanings as classrooms are being flipped and MOOCs are incorporating video and online learning into classrooms around the country. More classrooms are being flipped, with the traditional lecture moving to an online video that students view as homework, allowing instructors to devote class time to active learning. The role Public-Private Partnerships (P3) play in education is increasing dramatically, with the private sector providing more of the services needed from management, teacher training and curriculum design to the operation of public charter and concession schools. On the political front we are looking at the long overdue reauthorization of every piece of education legislation, a discussion on Common Core Standards, teacher preparation, accountability and a rating system for postsecondary education.

There is no question that 2014 will great bring challenges, but also great rewards… growth, progress and a more effective places to learn!

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