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CEFPI Advanced Academy for Learning Spaces: A Certificate Program in Educational Facility Planning

This intense, high quality course of study consists of six 6-week online courses created by industry experts and delivered through San Diego State University's Interwork Institute Center for Distance Learning (IL-CDL). CEFPI has assumed responsibility of the program, formerly known as The Advanced Certificate in Educational Facility Planning and managed by San Diego State University. The comprehensive program, grounded in the key knowledge and skills central to the sound planning, building and maintaining of learner-centered school facilities, has been updated and revised.

Six internationally recognized experts have been recruited to lead this rigorous and engaging course of study. All course content is intentionally designed and delivered by practitioners and key stakeholders in the educational facility industry, including facility planners, practicing architects, a U.S. state education department official and two experts in learning styles theory, ensuring its relevancy to day to day work. The online program focuses squarely on the student, beginning with a course on learner needs and styles and culminating in a course on life cycle facility assessment.

While maintaining the rigor and relevance established in the Advanced Certificate Program, CEFPI is able to significantly reduce the cost and efficiently deliver the courses in 10-months. Faculty members have streamlined the course work, while offering the same high-quality program so that students will continue to benefit!

Dr. Cynthia Uline, Director of The National Center for the 21st Century Schoolhouse, emphasizes that the program will continue to introduce students to a learner-centered approach to school facility planning, provoking thought and prompting educational leaders, planners, designers and construction managers to give careful consideration to the educational, developmental, psychological and social needs of learners.

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