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Spinnaker Trust Develops Fossil Fuel Free Portfolio

PORTLAND, ME — Spinnaker Trust is launching its Fossil Fuel Free Portfolio (“FFF”) to meet the growing demand for an environmentally friendly investment strategy. The Fossil Fuel Free Portfolio is a form of sustainable divesting which enables the investor to avoid fossil fuel companies in order to address climate change concerns. Spinnaker Trust (“Spinnaker”) developed FFF to better suit the concerns of many of its clients.

“We developed our fossil fuel free portfolio to allow clients to take a meaningful stance on climate change and the world’s reliance on fossil fuel. Advocates for alternative energy want to make a difference; divesting gives them a concrete way to do that,” says Sara Lewis, senior vice president at Spinnaker.

Spinnaker developed FFF at the request of Unity College, helping it become the first college in the nation to divest its assets from companies with significant carbon reserves. The call to divest is an increasing trend that has grown to paramount proportions, with others following Unity’s lead, including Stanford University, the University of Dayton, the Unitarian Universalist Association and other organizations, all choosing to divest from fossil fuel companies.

“Unity College saw a need to develop a collective approach to address global climate change with systematic, comprehensive and scientifically informed policies, and Spinnaker answered the call to eliminate our carbon assets,” says Stephen Mulkey, President at Unity College.

Fossil Fuel Free investing gives the investor several avenues to make a positive impact on climate change. Not only does it send a message that the investor does not support fossil fuel companies, but it allows the investor to take positive next steps toward aligning their financial strategy with their values while reducing the long-term risk of holding carbon assets. Spinnaker is actively looking for opportunities to invest in companies whose engagement in developing alternative energy technology will lead to a more sustainable economy.

“The investment strategies from Spinnaker Trust have demonstrated that a well-managed, thoughtful approach that provides excellent returns need not involve outdated thinking and propping up industries that stand in opposition to the sustainability of this planet,” notes Dr. Melik Peter Khoury, executive vice president and Liaison to the Board for Unity College.

Spinnaker screens for all of the 200 publicly traded companies that Carbon Tracker, the London-based initiative that spearheaded the charge for shareholder advocacy along with, identified as having the largest carbon reserves. In doing so, they constructed a portfolio made up of less than 1 percent of these companies by using a global all-cap exchange traded fund (ETF) strategy that virtually eliminates these companies as well as offers their clients strong diversification and risk management.

Fossil Fuel Free investing is gaining momentum, but it is still a relatively novel and underrepresented concept. The issue of climate change will remain a topic of conversation within the investment community and beyond, and Spinnaker will continue to navigate the waters for its clients, while consistently working to achieve their long term investment goals.

About Spinnaker Trust
Spinnaker Trust is a Maine bank chartered as a non-depository trust company that serves a global clientele. Founded in 2000, Spinnaker manages over $1 billion in client assets and has over 35 employees. Their mission is to help clients build wealth, and protect it, while preserving peace of mind. With objective and personalized advice, Spinnaker guides their clients toward their investment goals, helps them to manage and conserve their assets and works hard to ensure that their legacy is ready and waiting for future generations.