Recruitment and Retention Resources


University of Washington Faculty Recruitment Toolkit
This online toolkit provides a variety of resources, ranging from tips on recruiting and hiring faculty to creating effective job postings.

Michigan State University Faculty Mentoring Resources
This online resource contains links to several unique faculty recruitment articles and studies. Includes breakdowns on mentoring for different subjects and contexts.

Harvard University Faculty Recruitment at Peer Institutions
Contains several links to articles and faculty recruitment guides used at well-known universities across the country.


University of North Carolina at Charlotte Diversity Plan
A comprehensive plan for recruiting diversity at UNCC. A great blueprint for fostering student and faculty diversity.

Georgia State University Student Success
An online clearinghouse for student success at Georgia State University. Features general and specific tips for both students and faculty on succeeding and helping new students succeed at the college level.

University Innovation Alliance
This is the online home of an 11-school consortium dedicated to using data and sharing strategies in an effort to help underserved student populations succeed.

Noel-Levitz Student Success Funnel
This measurement system, created by higher education consulting firm Noel-Levitz, provides a blueprint for truly measuring student engagement and success across multiple periods of time.

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