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College Students Save Money Trading Textbooks with The Barter System

The Barter System ( seems to be the next big thing on college campuses. Book prices have been rising consistently in recent years and student demand for change has risen along with it. The website tags itself the College Textbook community, exchange zone and marketplace designed to save students money. From the looks of it, it seems to be just that. The website features a database of millions of books from which users can select.

Most students agree that textbooks are way too expensive and the buyback prices are laughable considering the prices that students pay for them. The Barter System offers a completely new way for students to get their textbooks for the upcoming semester: Textbook trading. While students have always sought out new ways to save money, there has never been a medium as dedicated to this as The Barter System. Students list the books they have and the books they need on the site and watch their matches roll in. After students are matched, they have the option to accept or decline the match based on their desired book’s condition, matched user’s rating and distance. After the match is accepted students can decide whether to do a local exchange or ship books to one another. If students use the Barter System they could potentially save hundreds of dollars each semester on the cost of textbooks.

Outlined in lavender, grey and white, the website’s subtle yet bold aura is sure to be a hit with college students. The Barter System is a first-in-class network that has the makings of something big. There is even a marketplace where users can buy directly from students to get the best deals possible. All of the trading on the site is done via accepting matches found automatically using The Barter System’s Magic Match technology. The Barter System is also currently advertising a promotion on their Instagram page where one lucky student will win $1,000. Any college student desiring to save hundreds of dollars each semester should sign up for The Barter System right away.