Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

Synchronized Clocks Make Learning Easier

Royalton Public Schools serves approximately 950 students in preschool through grade 12 in Central Minnesota. Its elementary school building and its combined middle school/high school campus are located one half-mile apart.

The elementary and middle school/high school relied on wired clocks throughout their buildings, but none of the clocks were synchronized. This caused many problems for students and teachers.

For example, students had five minutes to dress and get to the bus stop at the end of the day. When clocks were a few minutes off, it caused students to be late, or nearly miss the bus.

One teacher lost three minutes of prep time every day because his students showed up too early from another class.

Tony Duevel, building and grounds director at Royalton Schools, began evaluating synchronized timekeeping systems that would keep all of the clocks showing the same, precise time. This would help the schools operate more efficiently, give students and teachers a better experience, reduce tardiness problems and cut down on maintenance costs.

Duevel selected the American Time SiteSync IQ Hybrid Clock System for the Royalton elementary and middle school/high school.

SiteSync IQ could integrate with Royalton’s existing wired clock system along with any new wireless clocks that they installed — an excellent solution for a district that wanted to replace many, but not all, of its clocks.

“I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback from teachers and staff about how helpful it is to finally have synchronized time. Every clock, computer and device in our schools shows the exact same time,” says Duevel.

“Even a bus driver commented on how much easier it is for them to stay on time because all of our students are coming out at the same time instead of three or four minutes apart. We’re very happy with the service!”

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