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New Product of the Year Awards 2015

New Product of the Year Award 2015All of us at College Planning & Management would like to thank the companies that submitted their products for our New Product of the Year awards. We received an outstanding group of entries. Below, we are featuring those products that were judged as enhancing the learning environment in categories including Building Controls, Carpet & Flooring, Plumbing, Roofing, Classroom Furniture and more.

Wi-Fi Network Clocks

American Time and Signal Co.

WiFi network clocks keep precise time throughout a building or campus, which is critical for optimizing the flow of students and staff, accurately tracking learning times and class changes. The clocks are factoryconfigured to receive the precise time signal from a facility’s 802.11n network time server on a regular basis, allowing clocks to all display the same, accurate time.

Judges’ Comments: Pre-configured. WiFi networked. No maintenance for five years. Logo clock dial for branding.

Category: Communication: Clocks, Bells, Intercoms - GOLD

Aruba Mobile Engagement

Aruba Networks

Aruba’s Mobile Engagement Solution enables colleges and universities to address all aspects of a guest’s mobility experience on campus – high speed WiFi, browser-based messaging, and location-based mobile app engagement. A key component of the solution, Aruba’s Meridian mobile app platform, allows organizations to easily build cross-platform mobile apps.

Judges’ Comments: Real-time indoor navigation. Contextual messaging. Can be used to deliver educational content.

Category: Networking Equipment - PLATINUM

IP-Enabled Campus Access Control Locks with HID Mobile Access Support


IP-enabled PoE and WiFi campus access control locks from ASSA ABLOY Group brands Corbin Russwin and SARGENT combine HID multiclass SE technology with a magnetic stripe reader, offering simultaneous support for multiple credentials. Ideal for universities, these locks allow an easy transition to any contactless credentials and HID Mobile Access.

Judges’ Comments: Simultaneous support for multiple credentials. Ease of transition. Cost-saving.

Category: Access Control - PLATINUM

EnergyCenter 3.0

Autani, LLC

Autani is transforming the way commercial and industrial buildings optimize energy management with EnergyCenter — the emerging leader in distributed, wirelessly managed controls for HVAC, lighting, plug loads, and more. Using schedules and occupancy, EnergyCenter reduces energy use while delivering efficient work areas, all with a user-friendly and cost-effective system. EnergyCenter from Autani: Automating Green.

Judges’ Comments: Customizable. Easy to use. Real-time reporting.

Category: Building Controls - GOLD

Haiku with SenseME

Big Ass Solutions

Haiku with SenseME is designed with smaller spaces in mind, making it a popular choice in schools. A standout in energy efficiency, Haiku is 80 percent more efficient than conventional ceiling fans. As the world’s first smart ceiling fan, Haiku with SenseME technology helps schools automatically save up to 30 percent on air conditioning in the summer, as well as uses its Winter Mode to cut heating costs by up to 25 percent.

Judges’ Comments: Great for small spaces. Features a smart mode with environmental sensors.


Express ELX-Series Lavatory Systems

Bradley Corporation

Bradley’s Express ELX-Series Lavatory features a sleek and modern single bowl with a unique multi-user contoured design. Easy to specify, install, clean and maintain, the Express ELX-Series has the look and feel of an individual lavatory, yet accommodates up to three people at one time.

Judges’ Comments: Multi-user. Look and feel of an individual lav. Ease of maintenance.

Category: Plumbing: Restroom/Locker Room - GOLD

Canon REALiS WUX6000 Pro AV Installation LCOS Projector

Canon U.S.A, Inc.

The Canon REALiS WUX6000 Pro AV Installation LCOS Projector is designed to deliver bright, 6000-lumen high-resolution WUXGA (1920 x 1200) widescreen video and still images in a variety of environments. Equipped with Canon’s LCOS Technology with AISYS-enhancement, and a new advanced image-processing engine, this Projector displays vivid, seamless images.

Judges’ Comments: Brightness. Resolution. Accurate colors.

Category: A/V Equipment - GOLD


The Garland Company, Inc.

Garland’s revolutionary new OptiMax polyurethane-modified asphalt-based roof membrane is the world’s first and only of its kind, developed with an innovative, patented technology designed to transform the roofing industry. The groundbreaking process combines asphalt with polyurethane to create the most durable and longest-lasting modified membrane on the market.

Judges’ Comments: Innovative technology. Durability for extended life.

Category: Roofing - PLATINUM

Patented Perma-Banner System

Howard Industries PRIME Sign Program

Distinct from fabric banners, the revolutionary Patented Perma-Banner Sign System from Howard Industries PRIME Sign Program will not fray, tear, shred, crack or wrinkle due to the combination of the durable PolyMetal panel uniquely engineered “No Fly Away” vertical mounting bracket. The weather-resistant banner of PolyMetal material can be routed into custom shapes, then adorned with solvent inkjet-printed graphics.

Judges’ Comments: Durable. Money-saving. Customizable.

Category: Signage - PLATINUM

Harmonize and Ground Waves


Hitting high notes of color, contrast and texture, Interface’s Harmonize and Ground Waves carpet tiles are a duo perfect for interiors of all types. Ideal for innovative high-performing spaces that are designed to transform and inspire, with all with the valued Interface benefits of simple, glue-free installation and selective replacement.

Judges’ Comments: Waste reduction. Glue-free installation. Ease of replacement..

Category: Carpet & Flooring - HONORABLE MENTION

Student Union

J+J Flooring Group/Invision

Student Union from J+J Flooring Group/Invision is a new customizable modular carpet collection that makes it easy to incorporate a school or university’s brand into the campus interiors. Student Union was created to work on any part of a campus in virtually any facility. With three patterns and 15 of the top collegiate colors to choose from, Student Union allows a school to create a space as strong or as subtle with school spirit as needed.

Judges’ Comments: Customizable. Helps institutions to brand across their campuses.

Category: Carpet & Flooring - HONORABLE MENTION

Umbra/Umbra Stripe

J+J Flooring Group

Umbra blends colors to create a sleek and alluring complexity that provides the perfect multicolored balance for a variety of learning-centered spaces. Umbra and Umbra Stripe are available in 13 colorways and an 18-inch-by-36-inch size and encompass the unmatched performance and sustainable attributes that are inherent in all Kinetex textile composite flooring products.

Judges’ Comments: Interesting, complex flooring design. Offers durability with low-environmental impact.

Category: Carpet & Flooring - GOLD

Modern M•Bition Bath Suite

Moen Commercial

Faucets within the new medium-duty M•Bition™ line from Moen appeal to a number of facilities. Sleek single- and two-handle widespread faucets feature Moen’s Duralast cartridge and are designed to handle everything from hard water to heavy use. M•Bition faucets offer precise handle control, allowing the user to fine-tune temperature balance, as well as an adjustable temperature limit stop.

Judges’ Comments: Durable. Fully functional. Contemporary styling.

Category: Plumbing: Restroom/Locker Room - PLATINUM

Essay Seating

National Office Furniture

Student-inspired and student-designed, Essay is a unique solution to today’s evolving population of learners. Essay came about through a partnership between National Office Furniture and Purdue University. Essay is available in eight signature colors and in a student chair, task chair and stool. With smart design, intuitive functionality and a broad product mix, Essay is the easy answer!

Judges’ Comments: Collaborative. Functional. Student-led design.

Category: Classroom Furniture & Equipment - PLATINUM

noraplan nTx

nora systems, Inc.

noraplan nTx floor covering is resistant to moisture and has no pH limits, which eliminates the need for traditional concrete moisture mitigation and subfloor preparation systems and cuts installation time by as much as 50 percent. This revolutionary sheet flooring features a pre-applied, solvent-free self-adhesive that eliminates the need for a separate, messy, time-consuming wet adhesive system.

Judges’ Comments: Improves installation. Saves on prep time and costs.

Category: Carpet & Flooring - PLATINUM

Mid Century Pop


Inspired by the Dutch modernist movement, De Stijl, the Mid Century Pop collection plays with solid and textured blocks of color with bold, linear accents. This collection, featuring a play on geometrics and outlines, was designed to coordinate with the Mid Century Mad collection, is available in two dynamic styles that blend together to support the shift towards more collaborative environments taking place in schools and colleges today.

Judges’ Comments: Cradle to grave, retro design.

Category: Carpet & Flooring - HONORABLE MENTION

Mixed Materials


Mixed Materials brings breakthrough innovation to the collaborative environment, allowing designers to use hard and soft flooring surfaces side- by-side, alone or in multiple combinations to create spaces that support the way we work, learn and interact. As schools shift to provide more collaborative spaces, Mixed Materials enables them to do so without transition strips, and eliminates complicated installations.

Judges’ Comments: Hard and soft flooring combinations with no transition. Supports varying needs in learning environments.

Category: Carpet & Flooring - PLATINUM



Inspired by the layouts and fonts of newsprint, Patcraft’s Typography collection layers subtle pattern, artistic type treatments and line-art mapping to create styles and patterns with universal appeal. Typography offers common, baseline features that unite the collection while allowing each pattern to stand on its own or be mixed and matched with others in the collection.

Judges’ Comments: Durable. Contemporary design creates colorful, engaging spaces.

Category: Carpet & Flooring - HONORABLE MENTION



SchoolDude CrisisManager is a mobile safety platform that helps K-12 school districts and higher education institutions mobilize their emergency response plans. SchoolDude launched CrisisManager to help guarantee emergency plans and safety procedures are immediately and readily available to K-12 and higher education constituents including administrators, faculty/teachers, staff, parents and students via mobile devices at all times.

Judges’ Comments: Comprehensive. Easy to use. Customizable.

Category: Emergency Communications - PLATINUM

Low Frequency Sounders, Sounder Strobes and Sounder Bases

System Sensor

System Sensor’s low-frequency product line utilizes a custom 2-inch speaker optimized for low-frequency code requirements. According to studies, low-frequency tones are six to 10 times more effective at waking sleeping individuals and are the most ideal to awaken those with mild to severe hearing loss.

Judges’ Comments: Low frequency sound. Versatile. Takes into account disabled and impaired students.

Category: Emergency Evacuation - PLATINUM


Tandus Centiva

Maelstrom, a design by Jhane Barnes, is informed by the look and action of motion picture filmstrips. Multiple coloured yarn threads intertwine horizontally and vertically to form a complex modern take on the plaid. Maelstrom’s 14 colour positions are thread-up across a sixfoot width platform in such away as to make seaming effortless.

Judges’ Comments: Durable, six-foot wide platform. Sustainable.

Category: Carpet & Flooring - HONORABLE MENTION

Acczent Flourish Heterogeneous Sheet Flooring

Tarkett Johnsonite

Acczent Flourish looks and performs beautifully in high-traffic hallways, classrooms and lobbies — almost any area — flowing from space to space with well-thought-out designs. The industry-leading 32-mil wear layer is exceptionally hardwearing. The wear layer is coupled with a low-maintenance, UV-cured polyurethane surface treatment.

Judges’ Comments: Sustainable. Maintainable. Good life-cycle cost.

Category: Carpet & Flooring - GOLD

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