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StraighterLine and Mount Vernon Nazarene University Partner to Make Degree Attainment Accessible for Students

BALTIMORE, MD – Mount Vernon Nazarene University (MVNU, has partnered with StraighterLine, an independent provider of low-cost, online general education courses. With a variety of campus-based and online programs at the undergraduate as well as the graduate level, MVNU prepares students to learn the skills needed to be well trained and confident in their careers.

At Mount Vernon Nazarene University, students learn from expert instructors with real-world experience, study with other adults who can serve as networking resources in the future, and earn a valuable degree from a respected institution — all within a convenient program specifically designed for adult learners.

Of the partnership, StraighterLine Founder and CEO Burck Smith says, “We’re delighted to partner with Mount Vernon Nazarene University to expand the options students have for completing their degree. By helping students save time and money as they pursue their education, MVNU is putting the learner first.”

Dr. Dean Goon, Director of Innovative Education at MVNU, said that the university is very pleased with the partnership.

“Through this partnership our non-traditional students have the ability to further accelerate their learning path toward degree completion. This is just one more way that MVNU seeks to assist its GPS students in their pursuit of a quality educational experience,” Goon said.

By partnering with StraighterLine, Mount Vernon Nazarene University is continuing its goal of creating a plan that addresses the non-traditional student. With campus-based as well as online programs, MVNU provides students with multiple options for pursuing their degree.

About Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Mount Vernon Nazarene University was founded in 1968 as a co-educational liberal arts university with a solid evangelical Christian foundation and mission. Although there is a preponderance of Nazarenes in the student body at MVNU, over 40 other Christian denominations are represented on the campus.

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Mount Vernon Nazarene University has a strong history of offering programs designed for adult learners and an alumni network of more than 19,000 worldwide.

About StraighterLine
StraighterLine solves the #1 issue facing students today — the skyrocketing cost of college — with low-cost online courses that prepare students for success. More than 10,000 students got started with StraighterLine last year.

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