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Dorm Renovation Enhances Safety

Dorm Renovation

When it came time to renovate 40 resident bathrooms at Yocum Hall, University of Arkansas administrators put cleanliness and safety at the top of the priority list. Inpro’s Endurant shower surrounds met and exceeded the project goals.

Yocum Hall, which opened in 1963, is a 10-story coed residence hall at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville with a capacity of 527 students. The hall is home to the Business Living/Learning Community for students interested in pursuing a business-related field of study.

The university began a five-year, $7.5 million renovation in the summer of 2012 with mechanical upgrades. Renovations also include the replacement of plumbing systems and the installation of energy recovery units that help with the circulation of air in all the rooms.

The project included extensive renovation of 40 resident bathrooms. The dorm hadn’t been significantly updated since its original construction so the bathrooms had large amounts of tile and grout.

The newly renovated bathrooms feature nonporous and easy-to-maintain Endurant shower surrounds, receptors and toilet partitions, manufactured from BioPrism Solid Surface. Additionally, BioPrism was used as wall cladding throughout the bathrooms in areas outside of the showers.

Through the use of BioPrism, the university was able to ensure that the updated bathroom surfaces would stay germ-free while also adding a stylish flair to the new space. Creating a new space that helped prevent slip-and-fall accidents along with mildew and bacteria growth was an important goal. Inpro’s products gave them both benefits, while also being an economical choice.

Students love the new look of the updated restrooms, and also appreciate the added safety factor. Yocum Hall continues to serve students as their home while away from home, providing a great environment for studying, socializing and growing.

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