Impact on Learning

Dr. Kirk Lewis Career & Technical High School

Project Snapshot

PROJECT: Pasadena Independent School District
INSTITUTION: Dr. Kirk Lewis Career & Technical High School
LOCATION: Pasadena, CA
COMPANY NAME: Construction Specialties, Inc.

Dr. Kirk Lewis Career & Technical High School


If walls could talk in schools and universities, they would describe constant contact with students’ backpacks, computer bags and feet as well as tough blows from mobile classroom carts. These occurrences and more can cause scrapes and dents on wall surfaces and corners. Because of the abuse they receive, walls in classrooms, hallways, gyms and cafeterias must be durable and easy to clean, requiring little to no maintenance. They must also be manufactured from material that is environmentally sound and maintains safe indoor air quality.

Dr. Kirk Lewis Career & Technical High School

Being durable and easy to clean make Acrovyn by Design a critical element of the new Dr. Kirk Lewis Career & Technical High School in Pasadena.


New product offerings like Acrovyn by Design deliver all the functional elements required of walls in schools and universities without compromising style. In fact, with Acrovyn by Design, custom photos, wayfinding, mascots, logos and other art can now be preserved on walls behind impact-resistant, environmentally preferable rigid material that is PVC-free and contains no PBTs and halogenated or brominated fire retardants. The material acts as a protective shield that safeguards against damage while making cleaning easy, so walls remain beautiful for years to come.


Dr. Kirk Lewis Career & Technical High School

Reviews from schools using the wall protection product are beginning to come in, and the grades are impressive. “The hallways of our school get an A+ for design, function and durability,” says Steven Fleming, principal of Pasadena Independent School District’s new Dr. Kirk Lewis Career & Technical High School in California, where Acrovyn by Design transformed the hallways of the 248,000-square-foot, two-story high school to be inspirational, timeless and cool. “Students are motivated and energized even before they enter the classroom. School officials can rest easy knowing that our custom walls can stand the test of time and high school wear and tear from our more than 1,600 students.”

In fact, based on the quality of the walls at its high school, the Pasadena Independent School District used Acrovyn by Design or a mural at its elementary school. “We knew that we had an opportunity to do something special and long-lasting at our elementary school,” says Israel Grinberg, Pasadena Independent School District construction manager. “You just can’t get that kind of quality and durability with a hand-painted mural.”

Editor’s Review

Attractive, well-designed facilities are often key to attracting and retaining students. When administrators can integrate a product into the design of their facilities that is durable, easy to maintain and attractive, students will respond. Also, installations that are resilient and long lasting positively impact the bottom line, providing more flexibility for stressed budgets.

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